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“If you always do what you have always done, you’ll always be what you've always been.” 

- T.D. James

Life Coaching

The power of coaching begins when you decide to take back control and really start living. 

Coaching offers a space to uncover what you want to create in life and navigate a route to get to it.  An opportunity to explore what a truly authentic and fulfilling life might be for you, beyond the stories you and others tell you.  Through the coaching relationship we can start to peel back the layers and expose the deep inner beliefs and ways of being which hold you back.

I work with a select number of clients who are ready to take charge of their lives, to unblock potential and push past barriers. My clients come from a range of backgrounds, all with one thing in common – the desire to commit and invest wholeheartedly in transformational change.  

The Results 

Through commitment and dedication my clients gain lasting benefits and impactful results, including -  

  • Increased confidence and self-worth

  • Clarity and authentic life choices

  • A positive outlook and improved quality of life

  • Increased self-awareness and acceptance

  • A balanced lifestyle with more energy

  • Breaking of destructive and negative habits

  • The ability to practice self-care and value oneself

  • Creating positive behaviours that influence health and happiness

Coaching with Me

Coaching is a powerful, conversation-based approach, with the overall aim of moving you from where you are now to where you want to be.  Coaching works from the present towards the future, exploring and discovering new ideas, solutions and insights.   

I create a safe space, here you can step away from the daily noise and interference. We will work on breaking away from rumination and habitual patterns to understand what is holding you back and how to take action towards where you want to be.  Tools, motivation and accountability support your new discoveries and progress towards your goals.  

Our Commitment

True transformation requires commitment, courage and authenticity.  At times coaching can be inspiring and thought provoking.  It can also be challenging.  It takes bravery to be open, honest and face up to your fears.  By going deep you’ll ultimately reach new heights in your growth and transformation.  I am here to serve you as an equal, to always be on your team and to wholeheartedly support your journey.  


Coaching with me is a collaborative partnership.  As a coach I do not have all the answers, but that’s ok because you do, and together we will work on accessing them by working together, intuitively and honestly.

You have a choice – to keep living the same year over and over or to create change. You have the power to start to re-write the story.  Only you can unleash it and take the decision to invest in yourself. 

“It always seems impossible until its done.”  

- Nelson Mandela

Your Investment

Coaching is most powerful and effective over a longer period of time. I work with a select group of clients over a number of months, holding weekly or bi-weekly sessions, either in person or by video phone. After the initial session we will determine an appropriate package to meet your needs. 

More importantly, clients come motivated and committed to invest time and energy into their personal growth and transformation.

Next steps

  1. Book your complimentary discovery call to discuss how you would like to re-gain control of your life and find out what coaching with me feels like/what the opportunities coaching with me can offer?

  2. If we decide to work together, we will mutually develop a suitable package.  Once a signed agreement and deposit has been made, we will hold our first full coaching session. 

  3. Tools and resources may be shared in sessions and take away exercises can be given as a means of self-coaching between sessions.

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