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Private Classes

The One to One

Go deeper into your practice and gain confidence with a one-to-one session. I offer bespoke well-being tools and yogic practises to support your overall well-being and a tailored approach to your unique body.

Private Deep Relax Yoga Nidra

Private and small group sessions to go deeper into the practice of Yoga Nidra.   Experience a sense of deep relaxation and gain clarity, insight and re-connection to your higher self, through the ancient art of yogic sleep in your own home.

Pregnancy & Postnatal One to One

As a mum I know how important it is to look after your body and mind during this special time. 

I am a fully accredited Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga Teacher. I offer bespoke sessions focusing on bringing a sense of wellbeing and balance during this time. I tailor sessions to your individual birth journey and offer support and tools for common pregnancy and postnatal challenges.  Postnatal one to ones focus on physical rehabilitation to regain stability and strength, alongside tools for emotional and hormonal balance. All sessions offer a space for calm and deep relaxation.  

The benefits of your bespoke pregnancy one to one - 

  • Yoga tailored to your individual pregnancy journey. Including support with common pregnancy challenges such as sleep disturbance, sickness, muscular and joint pain.

  • A space for calm and relaxation, with techniques and practices that support a good night’s sleep.

  • Connect to your baby with mantra, mudra and breath.

  • Birth support and tools including posture and breathwork to support you in labour.

  • Reduce stress and tension and find more physical and emotional balance.

  • Finding more space and ease with your body, allowing the breath to flow and allowing greater comfort and connection with your beautiful bump.

  • Pelvic floor education and accessible practices to use throughout pregnancy and the postnatal period.

  • Calming breathing practices that anchor you in your practice and can be used as lifelong tools.

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