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 Gail helped me to look within myself and discover my values, which gave me a greater level of self-understanding and acceptance." - Elaine, Corporate Lawyer
“I learnt new skills and coping mechanisms to help reduce stress and anxiety and improve my confidence, and reach new results.  The tools I learnt are invaluableGina, FX Broker

 Gail is a fantastic coach who has enabled me to reflect on my life and clarify my next steps. As a result I have improved my quality of life and have made important career choices.  I am confident that I can now achieve my goals for the year ahead and have some powerful tools to motivate myself towards them."


- Monika, Human Resources Professional & Career Coach 

Gail has created a space which allowed me to question things I considered as absolute truths about myself and my life.  By asking the right questions, reflecting and sometimes just by being silent, a clarity was achieved, which opened up new ideas and insights to see things differently.  

Gail empowered me to treat myself with kindness and create a calmer, clearer picture of what I want to do.

- Private Coaching Client

Gail works in an intuitive and skilful way which allowed me the space to explore my feelings and find my own solutions.  Having undertaken therapy, I found the coaching sessions supported my personal growth by focusing on the present and future, rather than becoming entrenched in past events.   

By exploring my plans and experience in a forward-facing context, I was able to make progress on my goals and break free of some of the thoughts and beliefs that had been holding me back. 

- David, Yoga Teacher 

I came to coaching looking for support to get on with my life having been through some traumatic and stressful life events and changes.  I learnt new skills and coping mechanisms to help reduce stress and anxiety and improve my confidence.

Through coaching I was also able to address some of my negative thinking and have learnt to re-frame negative thoughts for a more positive and constructive mindset.  In terms of my well-being, I overcame my confidence challenges to start making positive lifestyle choices.  I gained the confidence to start new fitness interests, which is having a positive impact on my well-being and social life.  I have now implemented many sustainable habits into my routine such as regular meditation and breathing exercises which supports my daily well-being. 

Gail’s sessions also helped me cope with a stressful job and gave me tools that supported my progress at work.  Before coaching I had struggled to achieve my sales goals. Gail’s support gave me confidence and directly improved my sales technique resulting in me closing more sales.  

Gail is a kind and attentive ear as well as great at suggesting ways to improve my life and overcome challenges in my own way.  We worked through all the issues I brought to the session and I always felt uplifted and positive by the end of them. The new tools I learnt in the sessions are invaluable.

- Gina, Foreign Exchange Broker

When I started working with Gail I was in the process of changing direction in my career, however I was hesitant and lacking confidence in the decisions I was making.  Gail helped me to look within myself and discover my values, which gave me a greater level of self-understanding and acceptance.

I found Gail’s manner during sessions and the questions she asked reassuring and appropriately challenging. The tone felt supportive and helpful. Her skills in sensitively asking detailed questions helped me to reach realisations about certain issues which I hadn't observed before.

My discussions with Gail increased my awareness of some of the habitual responses I have to the events around me and whether or not these responses were working for me in my life. I felt that I had a clearer picture of the importance of identifying and considering my own feelings and experiences rather than trying to find out or anticipate other people’s feelings and preferences.


Gail was reassuring about the freedom to use the session time in whichever way suited me and emphasised that there wasn’t a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to use life coaching sessions.

I felt that the idea that the coach and client are on the same level as one another was supportive of personal growth and autonomy.


I felt very pleased with the sessions and they were a fantastic and supportive space to explore my feelings about myself and my life.

- Elaine, Corporate Lawyer

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