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Online Classes

Classes are offered via zoom and are currently pay as you feel.  All of my classes have an emphasis on calm and re-connection. 


Tuesday 7 - 8pm

Stretch & Flow

Saturday 10am

Rise & Shine Hatha Flow

Sunday 5:00pm

Deep Relax Yoga Nidra Workshop

Online Class Schedule

Private Classes

Private Deep Relax Yoga Nidra
Private and small group sessions to go deeper into the practice of Yoga Nidra.   Experience a sense of deep relaxation and gain clarity, insight and re-connection to your higher self, through the ancient art of yogic sleep in your own home.

The One on One

Go deeper into your practice and gain confidence with a one-to-one session. I offer bespoke well-being tools and yogic practises to support your overall well-being and a tailored approach to your unique body.

Family Calm
Bring some calm into your home with a family and children’s yoga and deep relax session.  An hour long session allowing the whole family to breathe, move and come into a deep relaxation with child friendly yoga nidra.

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